Re-stretching carpet takes Skill And the right tools. The carpet power stretcher is the tool of choice. A possible reason your carpet is loses is no power stretcher was used to install it. Other factors include padding breakdown, tack strip failure, delaminating, wheelchair use, etc. The wrinkles that occur should be taken care of in a timely matter. The bubbles and ripples that result can cause pile damage if left unattended. Some of these ridges have been known to cause a tripping hazard. I have over 25 years experience stretching carpeting. For fast reliable professional service - Call Now! 440-396-3795


Just Text a Wide View Picture Of Your Room & Wrinkle Areas, Approximate Size of Room, And city you live in and I Will Text You A Ballpark Estimate

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  Carpet Re-stretching Before And After

Before And After Carpet Re-stretch Pictures