Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repair is best left to a professional We can't guarantee an invisible repair but 90% of the carpet repairs we do are. We use patented Cinch Technologies which is a new revolutionary seaming process. Here is a list of repairs we have done: Carpet Bleach Stains, Carpet Pet Damage, Carpet Wine Stain, Carpet Urine Stain, Carpet Permanent Marker Stain, Carpet Iron Burn Spots, Carpet Cigarette Burn, Carpet Wax Spill, Carpet Oil Stain, Rug Repair, Seam Repair, Pile Loss Repair, Berber Carpet Repair, Ripped or Torn Carpet Repair, Carpet Paint Spill Repair, Boat Carpet Repair, Plane Carpet Repair We Are Carpet Repair Specialist with over 25 years of experience Let Us Fix Your Problem Area Today.
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Before & After

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Damage From Bleach Repaired

Carpet Repair Kit As Seen on TV

Get rid of unsightly burn holes and other carpet damage!!! This patented kit is one of our favorites because of the superb quality of the repair and the satisfaction our customers get when they save a bundle fixing carpet damage. Special Flock Fibers and adhesives, make repairing carpet a snap. Just apply the adhesive, cover with your choice of color and the job is done! You will marvel at how the repair looks just like the original carpet.